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The Top 5 Best Mass Mailing Software

A mass emailing software is a solution that will allow you to manage your customer database. At one time or another, you will necessarily need their service (unless you have some notes in your pocket, to develop your own solution). Send an emailing from your outlook or hotmail account, it may work for your first 100 subscribers, but in the long run it does not seem very professional. In addition, for mass mailings, you have the risk of being blacklisted! Having a service for your emailing, is the first thing to do after creating your site / blog . Here are the best emailing software and what they allow you to do:

Why use an emailing solution?

You have two choices: Using an emailing software or a web-application (eg aweber, getresponse, icontact, blowgun, etc.) you manage your campaigns, your database yourself, using software Or a website. Or you can go through a provider (cabestan, expedian ..) you provide him with your base, and he will take care of sending your emails according to your instructions.

Using an emailing software, will allow you complete independence. And if you send large quantities, and several times a month, then it becomes very profitable. A service provider is interesting, only in the case of one-off operations (if you bought a database for example). The software, you will use it to manage your newsletter, your subscribers, and your emailing. You certainly have read it all over the place, money, is in the list.

This allows you to:

Save time : Because mass mailing software will allow you to manage yourself and immediately sending your emailing.

Automate : A database that grows in importance, takes time to manage, segment, contact … Software allows you to schedule the sending of your emailing, to resume your previous settings, and sometimes will act as a ” autoresponders.

Increase your sending rate by avoiding being blacklisted : If you use a solution via your current server, or your computer, sending mass can make you blacklist your IP, see worse, your domain name. Using a professional emailing solution helps to avoid this kind of problems.

It also allows you to use pre-designed e-mails, to segment your databases … in short, to make it a real tool to increase your return on investment

The best mass emailing software

It is essential to use emailing software from 500/1000 contacts registered on your site. In the meantime, you could use a free solution, or a script via your server for your emailing. However, I advise against it, because generally you will have to import your contacts when you switch to a paid solution. And the problem is that these contacts have to validate this import … on the one hand, it allows you to sort your list, but on the other hand, you will lose enrollees.

1 – Aweber : It is the leading software in the United States to effectively manage a mass emailing. I put it in first position for the following reasons: A very affordable price, very good sending rate, easy to use, useful functions (statistics, segmentation ..), and most importantly, auto-responder (for example you program a Or several automatic messages to the registration of a new member). It combines simplicity, performance, and affordability. It is one of the best compromises for “medium and large bases”

2 – GetResponse : It has an excellent receipt rate, and it stands out by offering the sending of video or audio emails in a very easy way. Also includes functions for social networks and iphones, an excellent statistical function, and very easily handles very large bases, and is very reliable for a good emailing also.

3: Icontact : Its advantages: Very economical (compared to its competitors) and easy to use. It also makes auto-responder. Its functions are very similar to Aweber, in terms of emailing. Use it as an alternative solution.

4: ConstantContact : An affordable price, and you can use it for free for 60 days. Ideal if you want to enjoy these 60 days to make your database grow. Simple, with many themes for its emails, ideal for SMEs.

5: Sarbacane : A very powerful software with unlimited sending of emails, however, the price is also very high. From 29 euros per month. Ideal for frequent and frequent emails. Because it is necessary to be able to make the price of the subscription profitable. Another advantage is that you can use it in French.

Here is my personal top, do not hesitate to add your solutions in comments, and why.

The free (or almost) solutions to start the emailing, or for the small bases:

If you just opened your site, it will take some time before you have your first registered. And even more time before reaching the 500/1000 first registered. (Especially if you’re starting out in marketing). The first registrations are the most difficult to obtain.

For your emailing, you should use free solutions, or at least less expensive. Finally, it depends mainly on your ambitions. (In general, I recommend, even at the very beginning, to use professional emailing software) Here are some examples:

MailPoet : If you are not afraid to use your own server for sending emails (very easy to be blacklisted in case of bad practices), there is an excellent free WordPress plugin, to start collecting addresses Email, send mass emails, and even have an auto-responder sequence. This is my favorite free solutions to start without a budget, but again, sending mass emails from its server is risky.

MailChimp : A Web-App, I could quote it at the top also, an excellent service, which allows you a registration and free use, up to 500 subscribers and 12000 mailings per month.

Phplist : For me the best opensource software for a clean and free emailing. (Limited to 300 messages per month in the free version)

MailForYou : A rather basic software, but ideal to start, with possibilities to update the solutions. It is not free, but you buy it all at once, and it lasts forever. (in French)

EMailing Pro : A really basic software, suitable for your very first steps.

ETarget : This one is not free, however you buy the software (300 euros), and do not have any additional subscription to pay. And it also allows you, when your base becomes more important, this time to start a subscription, for sending mass emails without risk of being blacklisted, and also subscription for statistics. This allows you to pay in relation to your growth.

To go further, here are other links of software and / or emailing provider : EmailVision (I could have cited it in 6th position), Cabestan , Edatis , Experian , Message Business , Mail Performance (Facilities for SMSmailing) …

Of course there are others, it is up to you to make your choice according to your needs, and especially your budget! A professional emailing software, starts at around 90 euros a year, and if you have very large shipments, it can go up to 3000 euros or more. (And even that way, it remains profitable!)

Choose your solution from the start, your emailing will be the heart of your business.

Warning! If you entrust your emailing to a provider, be sure to study the different possibilities. Because many are going to keep your contact database, to use it. Please check this clause with your service provider before any collaboration, if you want to protect the data of your contacts. I recommend you to be autonomous with regards to your list.

For my part, I use Aweber, for the same reasons that I quoted above, and this, from the beginning!

Thanks for reading me.

To my WebMarketing! : I have used Aweber since my first registered, and it gradually allowed me to build a list of people interested in my blog, without having to change provider later. Especially for the excellent auto-responder function, ideal as I offer the free sending of an ebook to subscribe to my newsletter. Or for automatic email sending, in the case of a product to sell.

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