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Online Foundation Courses for Class 10 – Learning by Doing

Foundation courses for class 10 – An introduction

Off late online foundation courses have become extremely common with the parents who have children studying in class 10. Online foundation courses have gained popularity especially because most of the students studying in class 10 sit for competitive examinations. It is very easy nowadays to subscribe to the online foundation courses. You just have to login to the internet in order to choose one of the best brands offering such services. Payments for subscribing can be paid through online mechanisms such as credit cards, debit cards or even through PAYTM.

Class 10 Foundation Courses: What do they offer?

Online foundation courses for class 10 basically offer preparatory services. Such courses offer warm-ups to the students and make them practice rigorously before they sit for competitive exams. Most of the online foundation courses follow rigorous testing strategies which are extremely time bound. Such time bound exercises to make the students immune towards proper examination schedules.

Class 9 Foundation Courses: How are they different.

Foundation courses in class 9 are somewhat different. Many parents prefer to take foundation courses right from class 9. But in spite of all such subscriptions, many parents raise questions on the different aspects of foundation courses related to class 9 as well as 10. Before subscribing to the foundation courses, it is extremely important for the parents as well as the students to know the nitti-gritties of the course offerings in both the cases. Before subscribing to the courses one must take some amount of pain in logging in to the internet and understand the whereabouts of such offering. An important aspect of online course offerings is that these types of courses are extremely time bound and help students to achieve their objective.

The methodology takes into consideration, virtual exercises which are designed to be one of the toughest. Each of the exercises or modules follows the syllabi or specific pattern of question formulation. There can be different types of questions which can include multiple choice questions as well.

Foundationcourses are offered for the following examinations

  1. Joint Entrance Examinations
  2. Medical Entrance Examinations
  3. School Exams (CBSE / ICSE)
  4. NTSE
  5. AIPMT
  6. Olympiads

Who can all take such foundation courses?

As per the available statistics, most of the students based on different backgrounds or schools are eligible to take online courses. Most of the parents are of the notion that, anyone can take an entry into online courses as these foundation courses have little or no entry barriers. However, this is a wrong notion, as most of the well-known brands always prefer students who have scored high in the past and had designed entrance examinations in order to pick the best of the lot. Course fees on the average are understood to be quite competitive, and therefore most of the parents can subscribe to brands of their choice.

However, students should be made well aware of the methodologies followed in such foundation courses, failing which can result in a lot of frustrations amongst the young lots.

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