Nootropics a Peek Into Cognitive Enhancements

Nootropics: a Peek Into Cognitive Enhancements

More often than not, people tend to work their brains to the point where it gets tired. When that happens, these individuals experience a decline in overall cognitive functions as well as memory retention. Their attention span also seems affected as they cannot focus or keep concentration properly. They might also find themselves lacking the confidence and motivation to do the simplest of tasks. This leads to one not being able to be fully efficient. In turn, it will affect one’s work or school performance significantly.

To counteract this, people tend to use nootropics. These substances are brain stimulants which significantly improve overall cognitive functions, memory, focus and even motivation and mood. There are several different types of nootropics and although taking only one type can already give satisfactory results, some people tend to combine several of these stimulants to create much more significant effects. This is called stacking. Stacking is essentially combining several nootropics together to get more significant results, compared to when you take these stimulants individually. You can have a peek here for an idea of how to stack your stimulants.

Personalized or premade? 

When stacking these stimulants, there are generally two ways to choose from. One of which is to manually customize your stack. This option gives you more flexibility in selecting what you need, from the various choices of nootropics. This allows you to tailor fit your stack to your needs and the results you are after. It also allows you to adjust the dosages of each stimulant when needed.

When building your stack for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, you have to know what you want in terms of results. This way, it will be easier for you to set up your stack. Another thing to consider is how long you will be using the stimulant. This might be of help when determining the dosage you are going to take. One other important thing to remember is always do your research before taking the stimulant stack; research on the different kinds of nootropics, their effects and their compatibility when stacked with other stimulants.

If in any case you want to avoid all of this but still want to take nootropics, the second way might just be for you. Pre-formulated nootropic stacks are available for purchase. Although you don’t get to choose the components and the dosage, you are given the convenience of not having to mix and match and weigh the substances.

What’s good for beginners? 

If you are just beginning to take interest in nootropics and want to try them out, you can either opt for the pre-formulated bottle that comes in capsule form or you can try some of the basic stacks. One of which is the caffeine & L-theanine stack. Though simple, it is one of the most effective stacks with instantaneous results. This stack is suitable for beginners. It’s also made from natural components (caffeine being from coffee and L-theanine being an amino acid found in green tea) which make it a safe stack to start with.

 Although using nootropics individually can already provide you with satisfactory results, stacking various stimulants together will give you more significant effects and better results. Whether you choose the pre-formulated stack or the stack you can build ground up, it all comes down to personal preference.

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