Knowing All About CBSE Maths Curriculum And NCERT

The National Curriculum Framework, devised in 2005, has recommended that what the children face in their real life must have a direct link to what they inside their classrooms. Thus, it advocated a departure from the traditional bookish teaching and educational practices, as it is believed that such book – oriented studying keeps a huge gap between what the child learns, what he is supposed to practise and what the society actually practises.

As a result, the NCF recommended curriculum has been followed in designing new syllabi and textbooks. The distinction among various subjects has been attempted to be got rid of as much as possible. The ideas of learning the lessons and answers by heart have been eliminated. A new system of education, based on the child’s practical requirements has been implemented in the National Policy of Education, 1986.

Based on these principles, new textbooks for every subject, including Mathematics for Class X have been designed and published. However, the textbooks are guided by the ideals where the child is given more opportunities for contemplation and thinking, more practical problem – solving exercises.

The National Focus Group on Teaching of Mathematics

The basic aim of all the text book committees has been to lay out a curriculum that will be more enjoyable and meaningful to the young learners. The National Focus Group on Teaching of Mathematics was formed as part of the NCF. It has extended its views on how mathematics as a subject must be taught from Class I to XII.

The very idea is that even before getting into school, children do maths all the time in their heads while trying to understand the world around them. For example, before going into CBSE Class 10 maths triangles chapter, the kids have a practical knowledge of what triangles are like and what are their basic features. So, now the aim should be to build on their knowledge in such a way that the student learns to love maths and enjoy solving problems related to triangles.

The teacher has to put this in the young minds that maths is not about committing some formulae and algorithms to memory and using them in a mechanical way to solve problems, but a natural subject that has got everything to do with our surroundings and what happens every day all around us.

How maths should be taught in class?

The child should look for patterns and relationships between what is there in the text books and what they see around them all the time. They must learn to be logical and use the logic to solve mathematical problems. The child must be able to relate what he learns in his maths book with every practical problem that he comes across in life. This will help in not overloading them.

The Class 10 NCERT Maths text book teaches about Similarity of Triangles and several theorems related to similar triangles. Then there is a section on Areas of Similar Triangles and 6 exercises on problems in total.

So, start working on the problems today after understanding the concept well and then you may go for the class 10 NCERT solution for Maths chapter triangles to see how many you could solve correctly on your own.

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