How to Make the Most Out of Your Duplex Selling Price

How to Make the Most Out of Your Duplex Selling Price

Buying a house seems easy for you but when it comes to selling it, you will need few people to make it happen. If you are looking to sell your duplex unit, you have to make sure that the unit is in great shape to entice potential buyers. Remember that there are plenty of duplexes for sale so you need to make it more appealing as an investment property.
Duplex are residential properties that can host at two families at the same time. There are separate entrances with a central wall division. Many people consider this type of house because it is cheaper compared to having a single family home. Many builders like are designing different duplex styles that can suit everyone’s needs.

As an investment property owner, you need to consider many things to make the most out of your duplex selling price. Here are some points you need to consider to make the most out of your duplex selling price:
Improving the exterior
There are many duplexes with good potential but often ignored because clients tend to look at the exterior and if they do not like it, they will just drive past it without even entering. You have to know that the first impression lasts and it can make a difference at the end of the day. You can start with the painting job. This job has high reward but low-risk at the same time. Aside from painting, you should also consider the up keeping of the landscape, repairing the damages and re-touching the front porch.
Improving the common space

After the exterior, do not open your duplex yet for property showings. You have to make sure that the common spaces have this comfortable and homey appeal. Potential buyers want to feel welcome. If they do not get this feeling, they will surely lose interest right away. To improve the common space, make sure that it is well lit. Make sure that the light fixtures are not broken. After that, consider the flooring – remove that carpet or old rugs and replace it with something nicer.
Target the occupants

Some duplex owners target investors believing that they have the most money. This is not right. The truth is that occupants can offer more dollars because they are emotionally invested. The next time you consider selling your duplex, make sure to offer it to the occupants first before putting it out on the market.

Fix the most worn out features

In a house, the most worn-out features are toilet and kitchen. Many buyers will determine their decision based on the appeal of these areas. You do not need to conduct a total remodeling of these areas but at least repair it and re-touch something. In the kitchen, for example, the easiest thing that you can do is change the countertop because it can add more value in the eyes of the buyers.
Hire a professional cleaner
Before you open the house for property showings, make sure that everything is in order and clean. You have to hire a professional cleaner through house cleaning services. Cleaning can help you maintain the property.

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