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How To Find An Interior Decorator?


After specifying your needs, you will pick up the right person and this is where the puzzle begins, because there are a multitude of offers. I propose a methodology. To find the professional that suits you:

  • Trust the word of mouth: friend of the friend … Attention however to the decorators “stars” of the city, under penalty of having the same interior as your friends friends. I’m joking, but it’s a bit true.
  • The web: A simple search on a search engine, will allow you to find the different decorative service providers around you. There are also directories of professionals such as UFDI  (Union Française des décorateurs d’intérieur),  CFAI (Conseil Français des architectes d’intérieur) or sites such as Houzz or
  • The media:  Interior architects often find themselves in the pages of magazines, blogs … Of course, it is the “stars” that are often highlighted and everyone can not afford the services of Sarah Lavoine Or the Double G agency .However, it is sometimes possible to cross the path of gifted interior architects, not yet unaffordable. Just take a look at their site and inquire. One can be surprised sometimes.
  • Social networks: Many interior decorators and architects are present on social networks and are even bloggers.
  • Trade Shows: You are looking for a professional decorator, but know that the professionals of the decoration are looking for customers. They are not always on the street, so the lounges are a very good way to meet them.

and also…

  • Decoration shops

If you are looking for someone especially to help you with your furniture choices or wallpaper, you can simply shop around for decoration. Often, behind these shops, there are talented people who will spend time with you to help you make choices. However, they will necessarily do so   in relation to the products they distribute in their shop , because they will pay on sales.

These tips are free. [Politeness is to end up buying something in the shop. ] Sometimes, the person can offer you more: a pallet of ambience, a 3D plan, in which case it will charge you a service in addition to purchases.

Good to know ! Many decorators and interior architects have a shop to supplement their income.

  • Specialty decoration shops

A little different from the decorative shops that mix furniture, objects … sometimes paint, textile and wallpaper, there are specialized shops. We will say more “DIY” shops or craftsmen like paint distributors or decorators upholsterers. These shops also offer free consulting services and can offer you the implementation of the site: realization of the paintings or curtains, laying of the parquet floor.

So what you say about this kind of decoration benefit , it depends on what you expect. The advantage is that you do not “pay” for consulting work, but you are limited to distributed products. In a painting shop, you will be able to choose the color of your walls so that it matches the rest. At a upholsterer, you will be helped to choose curtains according to the existing. A real decorator will probably be more attached to listen to you, to really take into account your problems globally.

  • Online agencies and / or chains of interior design agencies

Inevitably with the development of the web, online agencies with “turnkey” services have flourished on the web. You will always fall on the same, because a good SEO is working. And a good SEO on the web, does not mean a good performance at the key. I do not think the benefits are “bad, bad”, but expect a service chain where the profitability is of necessity (necessarily!).

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