For a visit to the Vindhyas travel to Bhopal

Touring Madhya Pradesh is a major tourist tour these days. People from different parts of the country sign up for Madhya Pradesh tours and have a lovely time exploring some of the most historically significant places and the beauty of the Vindhyas that this state has to offer. Of all the major places to visit on your Madhya Pradesh tour, you cannot afford to miss out on Bhopal.

It is one of the top most tourist attractions in your tour and if you want to enjoy a nice and comfortable accommodation here then a 3 star hotel in bhopal should be just fine. Apart from all the interesting places that this city has to offer, the view of the Vindhyas is its most prized possession.

What are the Vindhyas?

The Vindhyas is a mountain range that is discontinuous in nature. Apart from the beauty and the flora and fauna that is mountain range or rather clutter of mountain systems that the Vindhyas boast of, it had a very important role to play in the formation of Indian culture. It is believed that the Vindhyas made it almost impossible for the kings of the northern part of India to encroach into the country’s southern part which led to the formation of a different and distinct culture in South India, an effect that can be perceived even today.

How to make the most of the beauty of the Vindhyas in Bhopal?

Bhopal is one of the most beautiful cities of Madhya Pradesh. There are lot of things to see and admire when in the city. If you want to make the most of the natural flora and fauna that this place has to offer then you can try and follow the pointers given below:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is book a three star hotel in bhopal for your stay which is not too centrally located. In fact if it is located couple of kilometres away from the city then it would be the ideal place for you to enjoy the beauty of the Vindhyas from. You can also ask for a room with a view of the range.
  2. You have to visit the Upper and Lower Lake in Bhopal. Apart from the fascinating history of these two artificial lakes and the calm and serenity that envelope the atmosphere here, you will also get a lovely view of the ranges from here. These lakes are located nearby and you can enjoy water sports like kayaking when here.
  3. The Van Vihar National Park that covers a whooping area of 445 hectares is one of the ideal places to head out to if enjoying the natural flora and fauna is what you want. With various species of plants and animals residing here, this is truly a natural wonder of Bhopal.

Apart from these three options you can also visit the Sanchi Stupa and the Bhimbetka caves which will also offer you a great view of the ranges. Overall, the Vindhyas are best experienced in the outskirts of Bhopal. Do have a lovely time here!

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