Little children in thoughts and character are the most sincere as they have little or no reason to be pretentious. This is a fact held against them in detecting a change in attitude or behavior as it’s almost impossible for them to lie without being detected. On the other hand in entertainment, what seems to be their weakness in reality is one of their most dreaded attribute by entertainers. The most important thing to keep in mind about children’s entertainment is that as kids may seem like an easy gig, young children make form a very tough and formidable audience. There is no place for pretense in their hearts, if they don’t fancy your acts, they get up and walk away immediately. Some might even get aggravated and either throw things at you or destroy things.

As an entertainer, your duty is to hold the attention of a group of people which is occasionally short-lived from time to time. Children are not pushovers so a lot of added energy must be invested for you to captivate them with your acts, this means you ought to be well versed in you trade as an entertainer in the children’s entertainment industry. It’s of the essence that you acknowledge the ideas and needs of the guardians or parents who are observing your performance and incorporate their advices into your show because they actually paid for your services and did the hiring for their children’s entertainment and amusement.


In order to excel in any business irrespective of the field, creativity must be employed to achieve better results. As an entertainer, you have to be creative in your shows as children entertainment is not limited to magic, clowns and balloons. A kid who presently subscribes for a party type for children’s entertainment like Science Party might be interested in some other side attractions that are off the book, it is your duty as an entertainer to improvise and implement some strategies to make do with whatever you have at hand in generating more fun and satisfaction to the child.

Proper structure

For an entertainer to have an acknowledged performance, he/she must have a proper structure within a fixed period. A child entertainer must learn to watch other entertainers perform and assess what they do, when and how they go about their activities. During a session, are they holding the children’s attention, how are they doing it? Usually, there is always a mix of education, hands – on, interactive sessions and lots more into their entertainment. The major key employed into gaining and successfully holding children’s attention is “humor”. For you to achieve this, you need to know the age group you are targeting, then create a basic plan for your act irrespective of the party type. When this is achieved, make your plan have a reasonable length which includes the interactive portion, all kids love this part of the show and are always looking forward to hands – on session. You should remember to be as interactive as possible especially when playing an instrument because the kids whom you are entertaining will want to touch the instrument and also venture playing it too. After perfecting your plan, you will now need to factor in some variations on how many kids you will entertain within a specific period and the venue to be used.

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