Best 12 Emailing Software

Best 12 Emailing Software Tested and Compared software

To form this list, it is important to use mass emailing software that will allow you to send an email to thousands of people with a single click.

To help you, I have grouped in this article the 7 best emailing software. These software have proved themselves on the web and I continue to use some of them to manage the contact lists related to my different blogs.

What is mass emailing software?

An emailing software is a designed program that allows online businesses and professional bloggers to contact thousands of customers or prospect with a single message to keep them informed of the arrival of a new product or to share some recent information .

In a nutshell it is the newsletter of the blog reader or the online business.

Why Use Massive Mail Software?

There are several reasons why bloggers use mass mailing software to monetize their blogs. These reasons include:

– the creation of a list of customers ready to buy products;

– easy management of your contact lists;

– the development of a relationship of trust between blogger and visitor;

– the capacity of the software to give analytical statistics and the actions carried out by the subscribers of a list.

Its different statistics will allow you to know which subscribers have registered just to receive your gift and which are really interested in the information you are conveying.

The different types of mass emailing software

There are usually three types of mass emailing software :

– free software that you can download on the internet;

– paid software that requires a monthly subscription,

– and mixed mass emailing software that is free to start and that becomes payable when you have several lists and several messages to send.

How to build a good list of contacts?

There is no point in installing mass mailing software if you can not have a good contact list. How do you build a good contact list? Here are some alternatives that could help you:

– create a gift and offer it …

This is an old method that has proven itself on the web. You create a gift related to your blog or product to promote and you offer it to whoever comes to your site through a newsletter or pop-up window.

– Create a landing page

You can also create a landing page and put it forward on your site or blog. So, this is what your visitors see when they come to your blog. They can then register before you see the content of your blog.

– Make paid advertising

Paid advertising is a good way that you can use to create a good contact list. You can do this via Facebook and Google adwords. But before, you need to create a good capture page on which you can redirect visitors.

Top 7 Mass Mailing Software

1. Aweber

English emailing software , Aweber is by far the first autoresponder that bloggers use to create and manage their mailing lists.

Cheap software, Aweber offers you two ways when you are a new customer:

– a possibility to test the software for the amount of one dollar per month;

– then, if you are satisfied with the service, the following months you pay 19 dollars.

Easy to manage, Aweber also offers an interface to take control of the lists you create and a simplicity of the messages that you send to your subscribers. The software also offers real-time statistics of what your subscribers do once they receive your emails.

You can then distinguish those who read it simply from those who click on your links and even those who make purchases.

Everything is not always pink with Aweber. When you do not understand English-based English, it becomes a bit difficult to properly manage Aweber. So you do not know how to create your list or the different pages that you need to put online so that your visitors do not feel that they are momentarily leaving your site.

If you are in this case, I advise you to search on YouTube or switch to another autoresponder.

2. SG-autoresponder

To alleviate the problems you encounter with Aweber, you can use SG-autoresponder . Direct competitor of Aweber this emailing software is totally accessible to the French-speaking world. It offers you many advantages including:

– the use of the French language;

– good management of your lists with editorial interfaces for each contact list;

– an easy way to collect contacts even from Facebook;

– possibilities to relaunch your subscribers who have not yet confirmed their registrations.

To quote only those. In addition to its advantages, you can test the software for zero euro. Then you can decide to upgrade to the paid version which it can cost between 19 and 147 euros a month.

3. Getresponse

Even if its name indicates that it is in English, getreponse is a software of mass mailing in French. Besides the multiple advantages that coincide with those listed for the first two software, getreponse offers you some specificities and facilities:

– an easy-to-use destination page creator;

– a mail creator with a simple dragged file;

– advanced analyzes of your emails.

4. Cybermailing

Software in French, cyber-mailing does not require installation of software beforehand. You just have to install a code on your site to make your form online. It has been designed by two developers who have been using it ever since.

Besides this advantage, cyber-mailing offers you a free training video and a free trial for 30 days.

You have the possibility to have 10000 subscribers for 15.95 euros per month. For every 10,000 new members on your list, you pay only 7.95 euros extra.

5. Mailchimp

Mass mailing software in English, but easy to use. You can install it as a plugin from your wordpress interface. Mailchimp offers a free service for up to 2000 subscribers and you only pay when you exceed this number.

Mailchimp is totally recommended if you are just starting out with internet marketing and you do not have enough ways to subscribe to Aweber or SG-autoresponder for example.

6. Icontact

Icontact is also a mass emailing software that you can also use if you are not satisfied with the other software that I presented to you in this article. The only problem is the fact that it is designed in English and if you do not understand the language, you will fade to want to understand everything.

Like most email marketing software, you have the option to test the software before switching to pay mode.

It should be noted here that prices at icontact are a bit interesting. You will pay 14 dollars for your first 500 subscribers and 32 for the 2500 registered.

7. Constant Contact

This is the latest mass emailing software that I would like to introduce to you in this article. Unfortunately, it is in English too. If I talk about it, it is certain that it is of quality and is used like the others by web entrepreneurs.

Not having used this one too much, I will not dwell on his presentation. I just talk about it to leave you enough choices for creating your email marketing campaign.

To conclude this article, remember that the best mass emailing software I use for my email marketing campaigns , is and remains aweber . Even if it is in English, you have the opportunity to train yourself through free videos on YouTube. If you do not want to use an English service, you have the option of choosing its direct competitor in French that I have presented you in this article and so palliez the problem of the language.

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